Our Animation camp is for kids 5th-12th grade that are interested in learning the basics of 3D animation using the open source software Blender 3D. The students will go from little to no knowledge to being able to create animations of their desire using the various features of Blender. The students will be given time to develop their own animation with guidance from the instructor and take home useful knowledge and develop a new skill set for workspace use. For more information, scroll down to Course Schedule.

Course Schedule:

Day 1 – Download and Install Blender 3D and get used to the various tools and aspects of the User interface. Learn how to control the camera and move objects. 

Day 2 – Learn the Edit and Sculpt mode and understand basic 3D modeling concepts to edit pre-existing models. Get into animation and keyframing concepts.

Day 3 – Understand the aspects of animation and movement, with both objects and camera movement and learn how to manage lighting and scene setup for fast rendering. Go into the basics of Physics animations such as wind, water, and cloth.

Day 4 – Project day! Using all the information learned and their own creativity, students develop their own animation with the guidance of the instructor. 

Upcoming 3D Animation Camp

July 15th to 19th (2pm-5pm)

July 22nd to 25th (9am-12pm) 

Call us 678-735-2153
Email: camps@keenmindsacademy.com