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New Changes expected in the ACT in the year 2020

There are three major changes we expect to see in ACT in the year 2020: Students will be allowed to retake certain sections of the test, rather than having to retake the entire test. The price is undetermined yet, but it’s said to be cheaper to retake a section of the test, than retaking the […]

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LIMITED SEATS! Planning For College 101 Seminar Sunday – Sept 15th

 LIMITED SEATS!!    (For Grades: 9th to 12th)             Registration Form: (We have limited seats. Hence we request each child be accompanied with ONLY one parent. Any additional family members will be seated in the lobby)(Also, registration confirmation will be made on first come first serve basis)

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The Transition – From High School to College

From High School to College: How to Transition into College Life  The transition from high school to college can be tough for most students. You’re going to a whole new place, school and town. You’ll meet new people, learn new skills and begin your journey as a young adult. Here’s some tips on how to […]

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Why is taking the ACT or SAT so important?

If you’re in high school, you’ve probably heard of the ACT or SAT. They’re important standardized tests that determine if you are ready for higher education or not. They test you on your reading comprehension, knowledge of writing and computational skills. You’ll then be compared to other high schoolers who’ve taken the test. So you’re […]

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Comparison between ACT and SAT with top differences to help you make the right choice. At some point during the high school days, when students are thinking of college. The common question that comes to mind is; “What standardized test to take?” A simple glimpse at the ACT  and SAT Tests  makes you think that […]

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