Our Arduino Robotics camp for kids in 3rd-8th grade introduces students to the wondrous world of robotics and microcontrollers. Each student is given a take-home Arduino Uno starter kit that will be used for the day’s activities and a final project will be  worked on by the end of the camp. There will be a 15 minute break in the middle of every day where kids will be taken outside to eat snacks or lunch. For more information on the camp curriculum, scroll down to Course Schedule. 

About the Instructor:

Harsha Tambareni is a high school graduate who will be attending Georgia Tech this fall for Electrical Engineering. He has taught and mentored at several robotics and engineering camps and has attended Georgia Tech electrical engineering camps as well. Since 3rd grade, he has been working and been successful with robotics in competitions such as Georgia Technology Fair and Technology Student Association. 

Course Schedule:

Day 1 – Get introduced to basic electronics concepts and understand the components included in the provided Arduino kits. Play with special sensors and watch them in action in various applications. 

Day 2 – Start understanding the Arduino and begin building the take-home robotic car project. 

Day 3 – Finish off robotic car project and test out the robot and see sensors in action. Understand basic programming concepts utilized in the robotic car project. 

Upcoming STEM Robotics Camp

July 15th-18th (9am-12pm)

July 22nd -24th (2pm-5pm)

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Email: camps@keenmindsacademy.com