Why is taking the ACT or SAT so important?

If you’re in high school, you’ve probably heard of the ACT or SAT. They’re important standardized tests that determine if you are ready for higher education or not. They test you on your reading comprehension, knowledge of writing and computational skills. You’ll then be compared to other high schoolers who’ve taken the test.

So you’re in high school and you have probably heard of people talking about how they need a good score on the ACT or SAT. Why is that? Why are these standardized tests so important to high school juniors and seniors?

Your ACT/SAT score is how colleges compare you to other high school students

Since all schools require either the ACT or the SAT, college admissions offices use these tests to see how well you performed in high school versus other students. If you’re applying to a large university, you’re in competition with thousands of other students. What better way to set yourself apart from others than with a standardized test score?

If your high school GPA is high and your test scores are low, admissions may think that your grades were inflated. If you have a high GPA with a good test score, admissions will most likely be impressed by your effort and think your GPA is reflective of you academic potential. Another good point to make is that if your high school GPA is lower, such as a 3.0, but your test scores were higher, college admissions officers may believe that your classes were too hard or that you’ve simply done better on tests than in class.

Your test scores show your potential beyond your GPA

If you didn’t do as well as you wanted during your freshman and sophomore years, it can be hard to raise your GPA to where you want it to be. A good way to show your academic potential is with the ACT or SAT. It’s your opportunity to show that you can work under pressure, study hard and perform well. College admissions are more likely to judge your application based on your test scores rather than your GPA, if you have a higher ACT or SAT score than GPA.

These tests measure how prepared you are for college

For larger colleges, they may receive up to 7,000 or more applications per year. That’s a lot of applications to go through. They use ACT or SAT scores to sort through good candidates for their college. The test scores help the admissions officers see if you can perform well in their college based on how well you do on your standardized test. The exams measure certain categories such as writing composition, reading skills, math skills and science knowledge. All of these subjects will probably be important to the college you are applying for.

There are score-based scholarships available

Doing well on the ACT or SAT can have its benefits. Some universities offer generous scholarships or even a full-ride scholarship for some lucky students. What’s better than free money for tuition?

Some jobs require your test scores

This may seem uncommon, but it actually is becoming more common in the workforce. Some employers will want to see your ACT or SAT test scores before they hire you. Remember this when you are taking your test– the scores could follow you through and after your college career.

A good test score will get you into better colleges

Better colleges usually require higher test scores. If you plan on attending a two-year college or community college, you will most likely not need to worry about your test scores, as many of these colleges don’t ask for them. Four-year colleges will ask for said test scores and some require higher scores than others. If you have your heart set on your dream college, you may want to check their admissions requirements to get in.

Test scores are needed if you want to be an athlete

If you plan on playing sports once you get to college, you should care about what scores you receive on your tests. All colleges will require student athletes to meet a certain standard with test scores to be able to play on a college sports team.

Course placement

Many colleges will place you in certain courses based on your ACT or SAT scores. For example, if you did well on the writing composition, you may be placed in an advanced English course based on how well you performed.

So, are you prepared to take your ACT or SAT test? You should be. These standardized test scores could be very important for your future college, job and career path. Remember to study hard and adequately prepare for your test.

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